Drupal 8 Configuration Synchronization

Configuration Synchronization

Drupal 8 has a really great configuration synchronization system, and is great for syncing up different environments.  When creating new modules and adding new fuctionality I really enjoy working with Drupal 8's configuration synchronization tool.  Not only does this tool take the guesswork out of updates that need to be made on other environments.  The configuration synchronization also allows for all changes to be documented.  

Drupal 8: Applying Patches with Composer

How to apply and manage patches with composer. 

Under installer-paths in your composer.json add "patches".  "Patches" is then organized by modules.  Here is an example: 

        "installer-paths": {
        "patches": {
          "drupal/commerce_shipping": {
                "Commerce Shipping - Deleted Profile Error": "",
                "Patch Label": "https://path-to-patch'