Mike Michalak's Resume - Drupal Backend Developer

Drupal Backend Developer (Contractor) -- Feb 2018 - Present

• Website globalization: GDPR, multilingual, multi-currency, custom currency
• Integrations: billing, payment gateways, Salesforce, CRM, shipping, language translation
• GEOIP based currency detection, payment methods, checkout flows, product pricing
• Custom REST API development, content and Drupal Commerce
• Custom website views and caching based on entry point of website.
• Custom ecommerce checkout flows by session or product
• Custom commerce products: physical, digital, food, etc
• Zebra scanner and printer integration
• Custom Apache Solr indexed catalogs with faceted searches and auto complete
• Custom warehouse management
• Custom product borrowing
• Auto SKU and Auto Product Generation
• Custom product pricing and price lists
• Custom Drupal 8 entity fields
• Bug fixes, troubleshooting custom modules, error fixing
• Fixing media entities issues, media entity updates
• PDF generation: purchase orders, orders, product brochures, content extractions (customized layouts).
• Custom maps: Leaflet, Google Maps
• SMS integrations: Mobile Commons, Twillio

Origin Eight / Senior Developer  -- Jul 2014 - Mar 2020

• Scrum master and Scrum framework team lead
• Front-end and back-end Drupal development lead
• Systems integration development across multiple cloud and on-premise platforms
• Internal project Solutions Architect and Pre-Sales Engineering support
• Provide assessments, maintenance, and support for internal and client projects
• Architecture, engineering and development on Pantheon and Acquia platforms
• Technical backstop for Drupal development and deployment during go live events

Trail 9 / Lead Developer -- Apr 2013 - Jun 2019

• Drupal 7 and 8 expertise: Commerce 1.x and 2.x, REST API, Migrations
• Custom API development and back office application integration
• Cloud and on-prem Linux architecture, security, engineering and administration
• LAMP stack and web application performance tuning subject matter expert (SME)
• Multiple installs of Varnish, Memcache, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP, PHP-FPM
• Pre-Sales and Solutions Engineering SME for enterprise
• Provide assessments, maintenance, and support for Drupal and Wordpress websites

Digital Bridge Solutions / Web Developer Technical Analyst -- Nov 2012 - Jul 2014

• Was responsible for Drupal and Magento frontend and backend development.
• Linux systems engineering, administration, optimization, security and support
• Drupal 6, Drupal 7, Magento upgrades and migrations
• Trained new developers, acted as a lead developer, and quoted project work

Boru Inc. -- Apr 2011 - Oct 2011

Maintain Boru’s Drupal website and Wiki
Support for vTiger CRM, vTiger-Google Application Integration, vTiger-QuickBooks Integration and Web2project
Deploy, configure and maintain Boru’s software
Assist in maintaining SVN infrastructure
Manage projects and overseas team


Purdue University, Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering