Exchange Rates API

Drupal Currency Conversion

Wow, what a great little API.  Exchange Rates API is a free API that helps with currency conversion rates.  

All that needs to be sent is the base currency and the currency that you want to convert.  Then the conversion rate is returned.  Making it simple. 


GET Request:

Result: {"base":"EUR","rates":{"USD":1.1264,"GBP":0.86168},"date":"2019-04-11"}

Another option is to send a base currency and to get the currency rates of multiple currencies.  This can be done in one API call.  


GET Request:,GBP,HKD

Result: {"base":"EUR","rates":{"USD":1.1264,"HKD":8.8354,"GBP":0.86168},"date":"2019-04-11"}


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