Drupal 8 - Sending Faxes with Twilio

Michalak Drupal Commerce Developer

Yep, you read the title correctly and it says “fax.”  Faxes are still used more than I thought, and it is really cool that Twilio has an API to send and receive faxes that is quite easy to use.

Today in this post I will be talking about sending faxes from your Drupal website.  Which is quite easy and doesn’t take much code to achieve.

I have pulled together a code example from the Twilio API documents and as you can see below there isn’t much there.

use Twilio\Rest\Client;

$twilio = new Client($sid, $token);
$to = “+1234567890”;
$from = “+0987654321”;
$document = “https://example.com/document.pdf”;

$response = twilio->fax->v1->faxes->create($to, $document,["from" => $from]);

A couple of notes on the Twilio fax API:

  • There isn’t much of a response back which can make error handling or logging a little difficult.
  • The document being faxed must be a PDF.


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