Drupal 8 Performance Tuning

This week I started a mini project to optimize a slow Drupal 8 website.   

Drupal Performance Graph
Dev vs Prod (Baseline is Red)

The issue, various parts of the website are taking 10, 20 and even 30 seconds to load.  Wow, long time.

My first round of updates to the Drupal configuration and code took off 15 - 20 seconds of page load time.  Then after the second review of assets loading on the page, I was able to knock off about 3 MB of loaded resources.  Now the page load must faster and is much lighter.

Here is a before and after comparison of page size, request sand load time:

Drupal 8 Performance Optimization - Before and After Stats.
Before and After Page Stats

Next steps, to go back through the requests that are sent, and then to review the hosting configuration.


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