Hello! My name is Mike Michalak and I have been a Drupal Developer since 2011.

I found my passion for backend development while getting my degree in computer engineering.

I have been working as a Drupal commerce developer working in depth with the Drupal backend.  Primarily on Drupal 7 and 8 Commerce projects. During projects, I have been known to fill in the gaps where development was needed and also been brought on as part of the team to help finish the project.

Mike Michalak Headshot
Mike Michalak

While working on Drupal commerce projects I have focused primarily on globalization, custom checkout flows, tax (VAT and Sales Tax), promotions/discounts, custom products and custom commerce business functionality.

What do I mean by website globalization? Adding multiple currencies, languages, and GDPR.  I have also helped clients go above and beyond these by also including GEOIP based currency detection, VAT/Sales tax automation and translation services integration. 

When it comes to custom checkout flows there is a lot that can be done to create the best experience for the user.  E.g. how do they enter the website or what products have they selected can determine the experience they are presented upon checking out.  Also may add-ons, cross-sells and upsets can be added during checkout.  Adding a cross-sells or upsets will help customers pick out additional items or products that will benefit them with their product(s).  

I have extensively worked on helping a client with special products, configurations, and requests.  These are types of products that do not fit into the standard commerce checkout realm.  E.g. selling user profiles for a specialized Linkedin type website, food products, fabric and products that have lots of options and attributes.

Also when it comes to complex commerce sites.  I always enjoy when I can help a client automate part of their business process directly in the Drupal commerce website.  E.g. warehouse management, Point of Sale System (POS), custom order REST APIs, product borrowing system, Pickup/Delivery systems, handling donations, shipping automation, custom PDF generation based on process, Zebra scanner and Zebra printer integration.